April 4, 2018 Erin

Stuart F. Feiner

Mr. Feiner is a consultant to EMG, with a focus on the key EV and energy storage system battery inputs.  Prior to his engagement with EMG as a consultant and member of the General Partner, which began in July 2011, Mr. Feiner served as a senior executive and consultant in the global mining industry for over 40 years.  From 1976 to August 2006, when he retired from Inco Limited (now Vale Canada Limited, Vale S.A.’s global base metals operations), he served in a number of senior management and legal positions with Inco, including as Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary and member of the Inco Management Committee responsible for oversight of all operations and major investment decisions, including capital projects, for Inco from 1993 until March 2006.  Inco, as a NYSE (one of the original Dow Jones 30 industrial companies) and TSX listed public company until it was acquired by Vale in early 2007, was one of the oldest leading global mining companies, with operations and projects located in Canada, Indonesia, Japan, China, the UK, New Caledonia and Central and South America.  During his career with Inco, Mr. Feiner had direct responsibility or management oversight for some of the largest acquisitions in the global mining industry, including Inco’s $4.3 billion acquisition of the Voisey’s Bay deposit in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1996 and Inco’s aborted $15 billion acquisition of Falconbridge Limited in 2006.  Mr. Feiner’s responsibilities at Inco included the financial/technical evaluation of virtually all major mining projects or acquisitions pursued by Inco during his career, implementing innovative financing arrangements to fund the initial and sustaining capital costs of mining projects, environment, health and safety and government relations and public affairs on a global corporate-wide basis.  During his career, Mr. Feiner has served on the boards of both public and private mining and leading technology-based companies.  Since his retirement from Inco he has served as a consultant on a number of mining projects and has assisted first nations in their negotiations with mining companies on financial participations and other arrangements covering projects located on their lands.

Mr. Feiner currently serves as a director of EMG Baffin Holdings Lux S.a.r.l., EMG Iron Ore HC Lux S.a.r.l., EMG Ferus II Lux S.a.r.l., EMG Chronos Lux S.a.r.l., and NGPMR Lux II S.a.r.l..

Mr. Feiner holds a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and a JD degree from Duke University Law School.

Consultant to EMG