December 3, 2014 Erin

Eagle LNG Pre-Filing Request Approved

Jacksonville, Florida (December 3, 2014) – Eagle LNG Partners (Eagle LNG) is pleased to announce their request to commence the pre-filing review process for the Jacksonville LNG project has been approved by the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The approval from FERC follows Eagle LNG’s request filed on November 26, 2014.

FERC is the lead federal agency that reviews proposals for the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities. The review process ensures that approved LNG projects, associated gas pipelines and LNG transportation efforts meet safety and environmental requirements during construction and operation.

The FERC pre-filing process involves FERC, other federal agencies, state and local agencies, stakeholders, and community groups. Following the pre-filing process, Eagle LNG may submit a formal approval application to FERC.

The proposed LNG facility will serve domestic and international markets. Eagle LNG will receive and liquefy natural gas, temporarily store the produced LNG, and periodically load the product onto ocean-going vessels for use in marine fueling trade. The company is seeing increased demand for LNG to serve small scale export markets while domestic demand for LNG continues to develop.

Eagle LNG strives to maintain a public, transparent application process. Interested parties will be able to monitor the Jacksonville LNG project application process on our website

About Eagle LNG

Eagle LNG is a joint venture owned equally by Ferus Natural Gas Fuels LP (“Ferus NGF”) and GE Ventures LLC (“GE Ventures”). Each consortium member brings specific and complimentary expertise to regional LNG projects that supply clean-burning, competitively-priced fuel for the long-haul trucking, rail, mining, marine, and oil and gas service industries.

About Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels (Ferus NGF), privately held by The Energy & Minerals Group, provides end-to-end LNG and compressed natural gas (“CNG”) fueling services including liquefaction, compression, transportation, storage and delivery to our customers in all end-use industries. Ferus NGF Inc. built the largest merchant LNG plant in Canada and is jointly building two LNG liquefaction facilities with ENN Canada in Alberta and British Columbia. In the United States, Ferus NGF LP is an equal partner in Eagle LNG Partners, a consortium dedicated to building out LNG infrastructure across the country, and is partnered with GE Ventures in The Last MileTM Fueling Solution, a fully-integrated natural gas fueling system for oil and gas and other high horsepower operations, often using gas that would have otherwise been flared. For more information, visit

About The Energy & Minerals Group

EMG is the management company for a series of specialized private equity funds. The Firm was founded by John Raymond (majority owner and CEO) and John Calvert in 2006. EMG focuses on investing across various facets of the global natural resource industry including the upstream and midstream segments of the energy complex. EMG has approximately $17.1 billion of regulatory assets under management (RAUM) and approximately $7.9 billion in commitments have been allocated across the energy sector since inception. For additional information, please visit

About GE Ventures

GE Ventures is committed to identifying, scaling and accelerating ideas that will make the world work better. Focused on the areas of software, advanced manufacturing, energy and healthcare, GE Ventures helps entrepreneurs and start-ups succeed by providing access to General Electric’s (“GE”) technical expertise, capital and opportunities for commercialization through GE’s global network of business, customers and partners. GE Ventures offers an unparalleled level of resources through its Global Research Center, including: 35,000 engineers; 5,000 research scientists; 8,000 software professionals; as well as 40,000 sales, marketing and development resources in over 100 countries. For more information, please visit

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